(Spoiler alert)

It’s a good thing Apprentice hopeful Sarah Ann Magson is not an intellectual property lawyer. This week’s task on the reality TV show challenged contestants to come up with a new airline; complete with a name, TV advert and air steward uniform.

Magson’s team came up with a ‘budget business class’ airline called ’Manage-Air’. But it didn’t go unoticed that the airline’s uniform (a red suit and hat with a head scarf) which was modelled by Magson bore a striking resemblance to the outfits deployed by staff on Middle Eastern airlines Qatar, Emirates and Etihad.

Had Magson been an IP specialist she could have told her team mates the choice of outfit might never have, er, got off the ground. Despite the impending claim for trade dress or copyright infringement that any successful launch could have sparked, Magson’s team was victorious again.

Law graduate Kurran Pooni got the chop. His team’s strangely named airline ‘Jet Pop’, featuring a logo which appeared to depict an explosion, did not find favour.

We are past the half-way point in this year’s show. Dare we dare start to dream of a solicitor winner?