It’s a sign of the times perhaps that hawking art around could be the route out of poverty for some lucky lawyers – or at least the source of extra pocket money.

But Obiter notices that this is precisely the corner the wind is sitting in, with sponsors of a London Legal Support Trust competition, Bloomsbury Professional, offering two £1,500 prizes for a painting and a sculpture on the theme of ‘injustice’. That’s 10 times the legal aid fee for supporting a client through a family law mediation (£20 to enter a piece, but still a pretty reasonable return).

Works, displayed at a leading London art gallery, might also be sold, with 50% or 100% of the price paid going to LLST.

Obiter plans to enter with something dead tasteful like a modern reworking of Paul Delaroche’s ‘The Execution of Lady Jane Grey’; or maybe an imagined scene from Jeffrey Archer’s A Prison Diary: Volume 1: Belmarsh: Hell. Maybe readers will take a sketchbook on LLST’s London Legal Walk tonight.

It has to be worth a go.

More details on the LLST website.