Obiter is loathe to simply regurgitate a Twitter thread because, well, you can probably find and read it for yourself.

But these are difficult times, and a lack of summer law firm parties mean we have a noticeable dearth of tales from tipsy lawyers to fill these pages.

Anyway, as Twitter threads go, this is a good one. Barrister Simon Ross kicked things off yesterday when he asked lawyers what was the weirdest thing they had been offered or given by a client. His personal choice was a client who offered him an egg (fried) when he was a solicitor doing a home visit to take a statement.

There followed some belters. From the grateful chip shop owner who promised free fish suppers for life, to a farmer offering her solicitor a freshly slaughtered lamb, clients have found a myriad ways to thank their lawyer.

It went on: various lawyers reported being given flavoured condoms from an exonerated brothel owner, a deep fat fryer, a Michael Buble mug, silk pyjamas and a pair of Jimmy Choos.

At the current count, the tweet has more than 130 replies. You can check them out – and perhaps feel a touch of envy at some of the gifts offered – at this link. Oh, and check the SRA guidance on accepting gifts before picking up the keys to that new sports car.