They really do things differently on the other side of the Atlantic.

Over here, we have chirpy musical numbers and Andrew Castle (a man, as pointed out by satirist Charlie Brooker last week, who knows a thing or two about racquets) to advertise personal injury firms. In the US they take things to another level.

Step forward Georgia attorney Jamie Casino, whose advert popped up for viewers in his home state during half time of last week’s Super Bowl game of ‘football’ (rugby in armour with a rest every 30 seconds).

The two-minute epic opened with a chilling voiceover from Casino himself: ‘At some point a man must ask why God created him.’

We then learn his brother Michael was shot in 2012, leading to Casino taking revenge against injustice, all played out to a rock music soundtrack. Casino is pictured in a church, then smashing a gravestone with a burning sledgehammer shaped like the cross. The general message is that he’s a good guy.

Casino himself has called the advert half movie trailer and half rock video.

The commercial was not shown across the country (national Super Bowl advertising airtime costs around £2.5m for 30 seconds) but did rack up 4.6m YouTube views in four days.

Obiter looks forward to British attempts at a copycat: Lawyer4U the Movie anyone?