Has the Legal Aid Agency been so successful in its efforts to become ‘wholly digital’ that solicitors have forgotten how to deal with paper?

We were a little worried last week when the agency sent out instructions about managing the paperwork for vouchers for expense claims exceeding £20. With an impressive grasp of 20th century paper-gripping technology, it reminded solicitors to ‘tag all the vouchers together using a treasury tag, Bulldog clip, staple or sturdy paper clip’.

We are particularly touched by the enthusiasm for treasury tags.

Churchill famously bound his speeches together with these twiddly contraptions of string and metal (now available in shredder-friendly plastic, we understand). And no doubt HM Treasury itself maintains a stockpile in some air-conditioned bunker as a contingency against nuclear holocaust. But surely they are a dying tradition. In fact, in 2016, does any sector of the economy apart from the law still use them?