Are local government lawyers chronic insomniacs? Obiter asks because sleep (or the lack of it) seemed to crop up in conversation with some frequency at the Lawyers in Local Government Weekend School.

Discussing the challenges of running a public sector legal team, HB Public Law’s head of legal practice Jessica Farmer told attendees that the organisation’s staff wellbeing programme includes ‘helping people sleep’.

Perhaps HB Public Law could pass on some tips to those who attended a session entitled ‘Avoiding sleepless nights when reorganising services’.

And we hope that staff at HB Public Law aren’t losing any sleep over what they might have left behind on their desks. It turns out that the new local authority venture, which operates a hot-desking policy, has a ‘sin bin’. At the end of each day, the legal practice manager ‘collects the things that people leave on their desks’ and dumps them therein, Farmer said.

What a rubbish policy.