The world has changed, as adverts selling us washing powder and tinned sausages seem to tell us endlessly.

But Obiter was not prepared for perhaps the biggest change of all – claims management companies haven’t tried to make money from coronavirus yet.

We decided a couple of weeks back to ask the Financial Conduct Authority exactly how many applications it had received from CMCs with the words Covid-19 and coronavirus in the title.

Expecting at least a few, imagine our surprise when the FCA confirmed there had been none this year. Not a single one.

Now, there’s every chance that claims farmers might be biding their time before setting their sights on the pandemic. And a quick glance at the Companies House site shows that Corona Virus Claims Limited was incorporated from a Leeds address in March, while the name Covid Claims Ltd was registered in Stockport in April. There are plenty more on the same theme.

The FCA says it has allocated extra resources to a potential surge in applications from CMCs entering the Covid claims market. But for now, any potential claims epidemic from the coronavirus pandemic is yet to materialise.