Grant takes on knowledge questions in front of a TV camera.

Obiter’s colleagues spent months asking for interviews with Helen Grant during her time as justice minister; each time we were fobbed off with a pre-prepared statement or column. Such bashfulness normally indicates nervousness on the part of officials about the minister’s performance.

But Grant, a successful solicitor, would surely not have made quite such a car crash of a Gazette interview as she did in her new role as sports minister last week.

The hapless politico walked straight into the elephant trap of agreeing to answer general knowledge questions in front of a TV camera. To judge by her answers, the sports minister is not a big sports fan.

Women’s Wimbledon champion? ‘I know she wasn’t one of ours, but Andy Murray won the men’s and he’s going to get bigger and bigger.’

FA Cup holders? ‘Manchester United, because they’re my favourite team.’

When did Maidstone (Grant is the Maidstone MP) leave the football league? ‘Last year.’ The interviewer rather sheepishly corrected her, saying it was 1992.

In total, Grant scored a total of zero and her In the Thick of It moment has become a Youtube hit. It may be a while before she is allowed in front of the cameras again.