The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers’ annual conference tends, understandably, to turn into a two-day back-slapping exercise, where delegates congratulate each other on the vital work they do and ignore the fact that their popularity is roughly on a par with traffic wardens.

To make a change, this year’s organisers booked LBC presenter and cabbies’ favourite Nick Ferrari. The broadcaster, fresh from hosting the Clegg-Farage Europe debate – was expected to play the role of pantomime villain, parroting ‘ambulance-chaser’ putdowns from the popular press.

As it turned out, Ferrari was anything but – praising personal injury lawyers for ‘standing up for the little guy’ and saying it was ‘wrong’ they had such a poor reputation. He even had good words for his divorce lawyers – though adding that ‘I would not want to wipe my bottom’ on the firm’s advertising. Quite an image.

We most certainly look forward to him repeating his praise of PI lawyers the next time ‘furious of Finchley’ rings to berate the ‘compensashun cultcher’.