Obiter recalls fifth birthday parties being a bit of a drag. What could have lifted such events – for children and attending adults? One answer is ‘beer’.

‘Beer for the five-year-old’ is being tried out in South Yorkshire by Jay Bhayani, whose Bhayani HR & Employment Law has just celebrated this significant birthday. Sheffield’s Triple Point Brewery & Bar brewed a special beer, the ‘Jay-Pur’ for Bhayani.

Now, Yorkshire tipplers can get a bit dewy-eyed about the loss venerable South Yorkshire breweries. Wither Bentley’s, Tennant Brothers and Henry Tomlinson?

This new beer includes mango and passion fruit, and is gluten-free – but before traditionalists start to froth over such novelty, Obiter thinks they could be brought round by one interesting fact – Jay-Pur alcohol content comes in at a soothing 6.9%. Obiter awaits a complimentary keg.