Many of us are missing the pub. But what if your employer could bring the pub to you?

Keystone Law has done just that, opening the doors to the Keystone Arms for lawyers who are working from home and want to build a connection with colleagues.

The firm’s model is for lawyers to work remotely, but on the basis they can meet together regularly for networking. Teams meetings have kept people in touch with each other, but staff wanted something more informal to socialise.

Using the virtual networking software Remo, the firm designed a layout with all the pub features including a bar area, pool tables and a beer garden. There is even a dance floor and DJ booth for those who are so minded. Sticky carpets and dodgy toilets are thankfully not a feature of this particular pub.

The Keystone Arms opens to colleagues every other Thursday evening and allows lawyers to move around and meet each other. For the opening night, staff were sent refreshments to make sure they were prepared for the pub’s christening.

The firm reports that lawyers’ feedback has been very positive, with pub-goers saying it has filled a gap from missing the social side of work. Obiter will gladly raise a toast to that.