Any discussion of the Labour shadow cabinet will always require the words ‘at the time of writing’, given the fluid nature of party leader (at the time of writing) Jeremy Corbyn’s team.

But ATTOW, it would appear that claimant firm Thompsons Solicitors is essentially leading Labour’s justice complement.

Last week saw the resignation of Blairite Lord Falconer, to be replaced (ATTOW) by 35-year-old Richard Burgon, formerly with the trade union firm.

A quick Google search reveals support for causes in Colombia and Cuba in his pre-parliament days, but the firebrand won few friends during a spell as shadow City minister by describing a meeting with the City of London Corporation as ‘a cross I have to bear’.

If Burgon needs a friendly face in the shadow ministerial team, he need look no further than (ATTOW) shadow justice minister Jo Stevens, who was a Thompsons director until May 2015, having joined the firm in 1989.

Meanwhile, across the Severn, Mick Antoniw was last week appointed as the Welsh government’s chief legal adviser. Before becoming a full-time politician in 2011, Antoniw was – you guessed it – with Thompsons.

Thompsons even has links with Corbyn himself. According to the Labour leader’s entry in the register of members’ financial interests, the firm provided catering valued at £1,729.80 for his reception for trade unionists in January. Those sausage rolls were obviously well received (ATTOW).