Obiter knows better than to upset sci fi geeks with incorrect references, so we shall merely say that one firm has boldly gone further than most with its sonic screwdriver to take clients to infinity and beyond.

To celebrate the latest in the Star Wars franchise, north-east firm Muckle LLP organised a private screening of The Force Awakens in Newcastle for clients and their families.

The firm even convinced a couple of staff members to dress up to get into the spirit of things, with Justin Barlow (stormtrooper), Jack Birks (Obi-Wan) and Ruth Craig (Princess Leia) from the business development team bringing the force to receptionist Alice Fisher (no relation to Carrie). The identity of Darth Vader, as is in keeping with the Star Wars theme, was kept under wraps.

Barlow said: ‘We set this up over a year ago and we’ve had an amazing response. Everyone is so enthusiastic and excited about the release, so the unexpected visit caused quite a scene in the office.’