The Ministry of Justice has been keen to highlight how technology can make the justice system more efficient, but perhaps the department should get its own house in order first – literally.

Obiter visited MoJ HQ to attend a Law Commission event which was scheduled to start at 5.15pm. We were told to arrive at Petty France no later than 4.50pm to have ‘sufficient time to clear security’.

After waiting for a good while in the reception area, we were taken downstairs where we had to wait a little longer still before we could take our seats.

Law commissioner professor Nick Hopkins began the event with an apology, explaining that the MoJ ‘isn’t well set up for accommodating large groups’.

The commission had to turn three meeting rooms into one, and ‘struggled and failed’ to get the microphone and projector to work. Which really doesn’t bode well for the digital revolution, does it?