Obiter has made it clear to readers that the Twitter account of former justice secretary is a must-follow. We didn’t realise it might have to come with a warning about potential nudity and frolicking in swimming pools. 

Gauke’s followers were yesterday treated to our man, with new facial fuzz, posing in a pool with an inflatable unicorn in the background. The South West Hertfordshire MP, a strong opponent of leaving the EU without a deal, tweeted that ‘somehow I keep getting reminded of the Brexit debate’.  

Thousands liked the tweet, with many demanding to see Gauke riding the unicorn – and one even knocking up a photoshopped picture of him doing just that (the body double used for the picture was, incidentally, £80m footballer Harry Maguire).  

Gauke later tweeted that the unicorn had been deflated and put back in its box. It remains to be seen whether he and fellow members of the ‘Gaukward squad’ can do the same for no-deal Brexit when parliament reconvenes next month.