In-house commercial lawyer David McIntosh takes Obiter to task on the topic of stand-up desks.

‘I am one of several people in my organisation who have the best of both worlds, namely a desk that moves up and down at the touch of a button,’ he writes. ‘Trendy? Not in my case. I have a dodgy back and find that the ability to stand or sit, as I please, throughout the day is hugely beneficial in terms of relieving back pain and aiding concentration.

‘As a species, we weren’t designed to sit on our behinds all day. If there are additional benefits in terms of calories burned, great; if not, I couldn’t care less. In terms of cost, I have seen them for sale at a large retailer for a few hundred pounds, substantially less than the “thousands” you quote.’

That’s us told. What other ways do readers find of not spending too much time on their backsides? Suggestions as ever to