It's official - shortly after 9pm yesterday Downing Street confirmed that Robert Buckland QC MP was being promoted from justice minister to lord chancellor and secretary of state for justice. 

Buckland's predecessor, solicitor David Gauke, who jumped before he was pushed by Boris Johnson, said: 'Many congratulations Robert Buckland. This is a good appointment. Not a solicitor, merely a barrister, but this will go down well.'

Gauke was right. The news was widely welcomed.

Lord Falconer, who served as lord chancellor in Tony Blair's government, said: 'Very many congratulations to Robert Buckland as new lord chancellor. Decent politician. Could claw back some of the crippling justice cuts of the last nine years.'

The Criminal Bar Association said it looked forward 'to continuing our work with you on the crisis in the criminal justice system'. Gerard McDermott QC tweeted: 'Well Robert Buckland is a good choice as justice secretary. As [solicitor-general] he attended the Bar Council meetings regularly. Always listened and responded.'

Claire Waxman, the Victims' Commissioner for London, said Buckland was 'pivotal in helping us achieve the stalking law - look forward to working again with him'. Frances Crook, director of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said she was 'really pleased there'll be continuity, expertise and commitment to reform'.

However, the jury's out on what porridge-guzzling Goldilocks makes of Buckland's promotion. Goldilocks met the lord chancellor in 2017, when he was solicitor-general and she was accused of breaking and entering, causing criminal damage, and stealing the bears' food:

One hopes Buckland advised Goldilocks and the judge that there is no offence of breaking and entering in this country.