And so to Chancery Lane’s Reading Room, where until 22 January visitors will find their favourite portraits of deceased presidents temporarily obscured by more colourful fare from the Law Society Art Group’s annual exhibition.

Obiter thinks of the exhibition as an unofficial indicator of the state of the profession. ’Black Friday Sale’ (pictured) a painting by Peter Haycroft, certainly has a contemporary theme. Tom Butler’s ‘Postira Harbour, Croatia’ could symbolise refuge from a problem, say; Janet Keith’s choice of ‘Rose Garden’ might relate to finances. But then again, the last two are also places where you tend to find a convenient bench for sketching.

Best stick to the art. Obiter would in fact accept an invitation to see a lawyer’s etchings, as Karen Corballis’s ‘Dorking’ and Louise Sweet’s ‘Whitechapel’ are very good indeed. Regular Pen Kan Su’s river scene ‘Summer’ is a nice oil; and John Joseph’s watercolour ‘Plaw Hatch’ includes a quality of cow that Obiter would struggle to achieve. Kat Joseph’s ‘Minotaur Proteus’ is another bovine-themed success.

Collectors though will be disappointed at the odd ‘NFS’ item. Among the 3-D pieces this includes Madeleine Clarke’s light-hearted [Twiglet bowl?] ‘having a giggle’ – three snowmen and a dog seated around the rim of a bowl (pictured). For a large room, Obiter recommends Richard Davidson’s colourful-matt landscape ‘The Downs at Burpham’, which is for sale.