There can be few lawyers still clueless about what Brexit means (it means Brexit, obviously), but for those in the dark the Solicitors Regulation Authority is on hand.

Responding to overwhelming public demand, the SRA has finally had its say on this year’s big issue with an 11-page guide for lawyers.

The accompanying press release doesn’t start well, with Obiter tempted to ask why chief executive Paul Philip felt the need to carry on after his opening gambit of ‘it is too early to draw any firm conclusions about the implications’ for regulation.

But, fearlessly, he tells law firms that they should monitor what is happening and understand the possible consequences. Righto.

Chillingly for those of us who have to write about this stuff, this report is just the ‘start of an ongoing dialogue’ about the consequences for the profession.

We know. The Law Society has been on the case since 23 June.