Few football fans will forget proud Iceland’s memorable European Championship run this year.

The team, buoyed by their fans’ ‘thunder clap’, reached the quarter-finals – knocking out England along the way.

But how many of you have confused the country with the frozen-food store, or made some lame pun (football-related or otherwise) conflating the two?

Enough already, says Iceland’s tourism industry.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SA Business Iceland - a service organisation for Icelandic businesses - are reportedly working with trademark attorney firm Arnason Faktor on potential legal action against the store.

Iceland’s press reports that the grocery store allegedly protests when the two bodies attempt to register ‘Iceland’ as a trademark in categories that overlap with the supermarket’s own goods.

Worse, it is alleged, the store ‘benefits from positive media coverage’ that draws associations with the country, namely a Twitter campaign promoted by the supermarket that, through a series of fairly weak puns, played off the back of the football team’s success.

A spokesperson for Iceland (the store) told the Gazette that it has traded under the name in the UK since 1970, and is ‘one of the UK’s most recognised brands’.

‘We are not aware that our use of the Iceland name has ever caused any confusion with Iceland the country,’ they added.

Arnason Faktor did not respond to a request for comment.