Designer heels aren’t the first things that spring to mind when we think of the law. So Obiter was intrigued to receive an invitation to lunch with iconic shoe designer Professor Jimmy Choo OBE. Wearing the glitziest heels we could find in our wardrobe, Obiter tottered down to a nearby restaurant in the hope that Choo, who made shoes for Princess Diana, would be waiting for us, perhaps with a small gift, shaped rather much like a pair of shoes.

Sadly not. The fashion entrepreneur was there to help his in-house solicitor, Lucy Chuo, founding partner of City firm Stella Maris Solicitors, promote her new book, Law Understood: The Aspiring Lawyer’s Companion, for which he has written a foreword. Talking about his work philosophy, Choo said: ‘If the shoe is not right we throw it away… we make another pair.’ Perhaps the law should be more synonymous with couture.