Obiter is in terrible trouble. In last week’s edition, we mentioned that friendly west London firm DH Law Limited had an office dog named Scrappy Doo LLB (likes lots of bones) without pictorial evidence. We’re delighted to rectify the situation here.

‘As you can see Scrappy Doo takes his LLB very seriously indeed,’ says Rheian Davies, the firm’s director.

Absolutely. But we’re sure he can’t be the only legal office pet out there. We know that the head of BPP Law School, Peter Crisp, takes his dachshunds Arthur and Henry to work every day.

Any other legal pets we should know about? Please send details (and pictures, if you must) to

We’d be especially interested in any more exotic varieties of office pet, though no doubt parrots and pythons would prompt some tired old lawyer jokes.

For the moment, we’ll assume that an office dog indicates that you don’t have to be ‘barking’ to work in this profession, but it helps.