If there’s one thing solicitors probably don’t want to see peeping out of their Christmas stocking, it’s another worthy tome about the many and varied changes to civil litigation.

But wait a minute – the latest meisterwork is written by Lord Justice Jackson himself, so must surely be worth a look.

Jackson says he was minded to write the book (259 pages) as a ‘simple explanation’ for those without the time or inclination to plough through his costs review preliminary report (660 pages) or final report (550 pages).

Regrettably for the learned judge, this does not seem to have been a labour of love. At the launch last week, Jackson mused that he would much rather have been doing something else, but alas ‘quite a lot of people talk about the Jackson reforms without actually knowing what they are’.

If that means you, The Reform of Civil Litigation is published by Thomson Reuters at a cost of £79 (non-recoverable, of course).