While the legal profession goes through what might be charitably termed as a period of flux, not everyone is doing so badly.

Quindell, self-proclaimed ‘provider of sector-leading expertise in software, consultancy and technology-enabled outsourcing’, is one such. The listed company has hoovered up insurance and law firms like a rescued castaway let loose on the cruise ship buffet.

Last week it confirmed that its investment in insurance firm Ingenie has increased to 49%, with an option for it to rise to 80% or 100% in the coming years.

The deal is estimated at a cool £70m, which means a handsome windfall for Ingenie investors, one of whom happens to be former England goal-hanger and Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker.

Indeed, reports suggest Lineker is set to top up his estimated £1.5m a year BBC salary with a handy £3m payout from Quindell.

No wonder Lineker – no stranger to a little promotional work, as a certain crisp manufacturer will testify – was tweeting last week that ‘I’m proud Ingenie and Quindell saves lives & reduces insurance costs for young drivers’.