Europe’s highest court isn’t letting the possibility of Brexit distract it from its mission to become better known.

A press release – which suggests that the Luxembourg court isn’t quite ‘down with the kids’ when it comes to cyber-speak – announces that the court has launched ‘its first application for smartphones and tablets’.

The, ahem, application, named CVRIA, has four sections: case law, press releases, judicial calendar and search.

Perhaps significantly in the context of ongoing European antitrust proceedings against US web giants, the court has not shown any favouritism in respect of the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems, offering the 23-language CVRIA on both.

Obiter understands that the UK’s own Supreme Court is already in the app-sphere, but only with a tour-guide app which lets users find out about the building after hours. If it is to remain a contender in the supremacy stakes (sic), it may need to raise its game.