April 1939

Solicitors’ War Memorial Fund

This fund, now consisting of £11,344 2s. 2d War Stock, was established under the chairmanship of Sir Richard Pinsent, for the purpose of providing a memorial to those solicitors and articled clerks who sacrificed their lives in the War. The object of the fund was to provide, in addition to a visible memorial in the Society’s Hall, financial assistance for solicitors and their dependants who had suffered in the War. 

April 1959

Telephone code numbers 

Now that it is possible to dial directly on the telephone, with the use of code numbers, may we suggest that solicitors, where appropriately located, should give the relevant code number on their notepaper? This, we feel sure, would be a considerable help to London firms, especially those where there is no full-time telephone operator. 

15 April 1989

6% is bitter blow

The Lord Chancellor’s refusal to budge from a 6% rise in legal aid rates will come as a bitter blow to practitioners, particularly in view of the new Touche Ross study showing that heavy losses on this work are the norm. Only a small minority of solicitors’ firms can expect to make a profit and these are London firms with an income of more than £100,000 from criminal legal aid work. 

14 April 1999

Laying down the law

As the Access to Justice Bill begins its journey through the House of Commons this week, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, is in buoyant mood, confident that the few setbacks suffered in the House of Lords can easily be reversed.