12 August 1998

Press round-up

The Times predicts that ‘virtual lawyers’ will soon be offering advice on the internet. The ‘cybersolicitor’ would appear on the screen as a talking head. The innovation would have certain advantages over the real thing, the report argued: ‘They will not drop incomprehensible Latin tags into conversation, suck their breath in suspiciously, or chat about the weather in chargeable time.’

August 1948

Notes of the month

Our branch of the profession can claim at least one of the outstanding participants in the 1948 Olympic Games. He is Mr J. Emrys Lloyd OBE, a partner in the firm of Farrer & Co, of Lincoln’s Inn Fields. He captained the British Fencing Team and his effort in gaining fourth place in the individual foil event was described by The Times as ‘the finest achievement in the history of British fencing’.

August 1938

Visit of German lawyers

The Council on 19 July entertained to luncheon a party of German lawyers who were visiting London. An address of welcome was given by The Right Hon. E. Leslie Burgin MP, and Professor Noack responded on behalf of the visitors. Arrangements were made for the party to visit the Central Criminal Court, the Royal Courts of Justice and the Houses of Parliament.

August 1918

Minutes of proceedings

The president, Mr Samuel Garrett, concluded by dealing with the question of the admission of women: ‘I ask every member of the profession to consider this matter seriously, and to ask whether, considering the spirit of the times towards the status of women in the industrial world, considering the work women have done in connection with the war, considering the political rights women have obtained, it is possible any longer to maintain an opposition to their entrance into a profession in which they are already employed as clerks, and of their fitness to practise which no thoughtful person would venture now to express a doubt.’