The Law Society’s Gazette, 26 October 1983

 The Legal Aid (Duty Solicitor) Scheme 1983

An important stage in the evolution of duty solicitor schemes in magistrates’ and juvenile courts has been reached with the making of the Legal Aid (Duty Solicitor) Scheme under s.1 of the Legal Aid Act 1982.  

 The Law Society’s Gazette, 24 October 1973

40% of the profession are under 35

The Society is at present engaged in the preparation of a new ‘integrated modular data system’, which can be translated as ‘a system for combining lots of different bits of information about solicitors’.

A significant feature of these figures is the bulge in admissions in 1969, 1970 and 1971, which has the result that at the present time, about 40% of the profession are under 35 years of age. This bulge can be expected to cause a problem over the next 10 years when many solicitors within this group will be seeking partnerships.

One thing is clear – today’s world, not to mention tomorrow’s, necessitates the Society having up-to-date information about the profession. Will solicitors play their part in this new undertaking?

The Law Society’s Gazette, October 1963

Meter-parking logic

What those who support the meter-parking system fail to face up to is the inherent illogicality of their case. When hard pressed, they tend to take refuge in the argument that parking on the highway is malum in se. But if it is, those who defend meter-parking immediately come up against a difficulty – the argument that something inherently wrong can be legitimised on payment of a fee is unlikely to commend itself to right-thinking men.

The Football Association and the Law

The 26th day of October, 1863, saw the foundation of The Football Association. For a century it has exerted a unifying influence on the growth of our national winter game into the world’s most popular international sport. Generally, it has reflected the nation’s social development: from the Public School Old Boys and University XIs which contributed the bulk of its early national players, to its present status as a public entertainment and as a game in which ethical standards consciously pervade disciplinary control.

Barber at the Society’s Hall

A barber is now in attendance at the Society’s Hall, initially from 11am to 3.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, though the service may be extended if support from members justifies it.