The Law Society Gazette, 22 January 2004

Lawyers face single EU code of conduct

Solicitors could be subject to a European code of conduct that may not permit fee sharing with non-lawyers or payment of referral fees, under European Commission proposals released last week. The draft EU Framework Services Directive proposes an extension of the current pan-European code of practice for cross-border legal work to cover domestic practice.

Gazette January 1964

How a practice was born

As the Law Society frowns on the employment of brass bands and door-to-door canvassers to publicise the emergence of a new firm of solicitors I began to wonder, as opening day approached, whether anyone would notice the plate pointing the way up to the garret which was to serve as my office.

Gazette January 1944

Prisoners of war

Two solicitors and one articled clerk who were prisoners of war in Italy were successful in making their escape at the time of the armistice. Captain J.E.K. Walters made his escape from a railway train and wandered about Italy for a month.

Capt. Walters was kind enough to call at the Society’s offices and give some details of legal activities at Camp P.G.21 where he was detained and where he was for some time secretary of the Camp Law Society. At that camp barristers and solicitors delivered lectures to articled clerks and other law students on various legal subjects, including commercial law, equity, the law of contract, conveyancing, and probate, divorce and criminal law. Certificates were issued to those students who had attended diligently.  

Gazette January 1914

Legal decision affecting solicitors

At the Court of Appeal. Bebb v The Law Society, admission of women as solicitors.

This was an appeal from a decision of Mr. Justice Joyce. The appeal raised the question whether women could be admitted as solicitors. The action was brought by Miss Gwyneth Marjorie Bebb asking for a declaration that she was a ‘person’ within the meaning of the Solicitors Act 1843 and the amending acts, and a mandamus to compel The Law Society to admit her to the preliminary examinations held by The Law Society under such Acts with a view to her becoming a solicitor.

Mr Justice Joyce held that women were disqualified by reason of their sex from acting as solicitors.

The plaintiff appealed. The Master of the Rolls, Lord Justice Swinfen Eady and Lord Justice Phillimore dismissed the appeal.