The Law Society Gazette, May 1964

Solicitors and the Press

In the letters I have received, the editorial published in the Daily Mail of 2 April, under the headline ‘High-Priced Lawyers’, has been mentioned particularly frequently as an instance of Press criticism that called for a reply on behalf of the profession.

It is therefore right to record here that a reply to that editorial, in the form of a letter from the Law Society, was delivered by hand to the offices of the Daily Mail on the same day as the editorial appeared. The letter was not published.

The Law Society Gazette, May 1954

Letters to the Editor: Lawyer and Gentleman

Dear Sir,

Every solicitor who is also a commissioner for oaths has in his possession a document certifying not only that he is a solicitor but that he is a gentleman also. So far as I know it is the only written record a solicitor can produce in support of his alleged social status!

Yours faithfully,

S. Eric Beaizley, Walsall.

The Law Society Gazette, May 1944

Regulated areas

The Secretary of State for War has made the Regulated Areas Byelaws (No 2) 1944, which impose restrictions applicable both to restricted areas and to protected areas. Among these restrictions are:

(a) Everyone over 16 using a highway or public place must carry his identity card and produce it on demand to any constable or member of H.M. Forces or an allied force on duty.

(b) No one may use any telescope or binoculars without a permit.

(c) No one shall in a public place be in possession of a camera, telescope or binoculars without a permit.

The Law Society Gazette, May 1934

Practice notes – Divorce: Issue of Adultery

Where an issue of adultery (not determined in the suit itself) is raised upon a petition for maintenance, permanent alimony, or periodical payments, the direction of the Judge should be taken as to how the several issues in the pleadings shall be determined.

In order to avoid delay by first taking an appointment before a Registrar, the matter may be brought before the Judge by summons.