The Law Society Gazette, 12 January 2006

Red tape ‘threatens’ legal services reform

Plans for alternative business structures (ABS) to deliver legal services could be derailed by the additional regulatory burden they will impose and by confusion over what level of privilege will apply to them, the government was warned this week. In the first raft of responses to the legal services reform white paper, the government was told there needs to be leeway to allow, for example, a firm of solicitors to admit a single legal executive to its partnership without triggering the extra hurdles.

10 January 1996

Small change

The increase to £3,000 in the small claims jurisdiction poses a hefty challenge to solicitors doing a wide variety of work. But those providing a debt recovery service to small businesses are likely to be most threatened. Substantial new demands will also be made of those doing personal injury and housing work.

14 January 1976

Breathalyser offences

We have all had jolly fun and made some money out of the Breathalyser. But I think it is time for concern when a defendant escapes conviction merely because the arresting officer mis-stated the sub-section of the act under which the defendant was arrested.

I know that we are British and that cricket is cricket, but is it not, to quote Mr Gormley, ‘bloody silly’?  

January 1966

The adult offender

The government white paper on the adult offender makes fascinating, if at times slightly disturbing, reading. The modern concept of punishment, with the death penalty abolished and the ‘cat’ discarded, leaves either incarceration or a limitation of liberty the only sanctions which a court can impose in dealing with those who break the criminal law. The white paper recognises, as it must, this difficulty.