The Law Society Gazette, 6 April 2006

New Commercial Court to be unveiled in 2009

The government plans the new Commercial Court to be a ‘civic statement courthouse’ that will shore up London’s pre-eminent position for hearing international disputes, but the building – to be funded by a public private partnership – will not be ready for three years. Building work is due to begin next March.

3 April 1996

Computer crash hits scheme

A new contract to run the Legal Aid Board’s duty solicitor scheme began disastrously this week when computers crashed, leaving anxious suspects unrepresented in police stations across the country.

April 1966

The fibre-tipped pen

Fibre-tipped pens produce very impressive signatures, but as with all novel writing instruments and materials, should not be used in the preparation of important documents. It might well happen that a newly formulated ink might be withdrawn as unsatisfactory until, some years later, research would show that a slight modification in the tip was all that was required to give a best-selling pen and ink combination. A document signed with one of the small batch of experimental pens might, years later, be challenged on the grounds that it had been signed with a pen which was not marketed until some time subsequent to the date on the document.

April 1946

Coal industry nationalisation bill

One of several points that the council raised with regard to this bill concerned clause 44 which applied the principle of the Public Authorities Protection Act to the National Coal Board. The council pointed out to the minister of fuel and power the hardship which would ensue if members of the public were deprived of a right of action in, for example, accident and subsidence cases owing to the short limitation period of one year that was proposed.  

April 1916

Proceedings of the council

A letter was read from a member inquiring whether the council had considered whether, at common law, solicitors are entirely exempt from military service. It was resolved that the member be informed that, in the opinion of the council, in the present circumstances the question is not one which should be raised.