The Law Society Gazette, 21 April 2006

Move to put courts evolution on-line

Professor Richard Susskind and Lord Justice Neuberger (pictured) intend to set up a public-facing web site to exchange information about what innovations are already under way to bring the country’s courts into the 21st century. The move will be an attempt to stop the constant reinvention of the wheel that bedevils public sector IT projects.

17 April 1996

Leeds firm publishes accounts

Leeds firm Booth & Co has published a corporate-style profit and loss account in what it heralds as a new departure for a UK law firm. By comparing the ‘corporate format’ set of accounts with the traditional ‘partnership’ format, the reader can deduce that the partners’ salaries, pensions and other benefits amounted to £3.15 million.

16 April 1986

Rights of audience

It may well be that a minority of solicitors would wish to participate in High Court or Crown Court advocacy but this is to miss the point of the argument. I and many others in the profession would welcome the opportunity to utilise our experience and qualification at all levels and the only yardstick should be the competence of the advocate, not the shape of his gown or lack of a wig.

14 April 1976

Sex equality

The European Court of Justice has ruled that article 119 of the Treaty of Rome, which sets out the principle of equal pay for men and women, is directly applicable. This means that Common Market member states are required to implement the principles of equal pay without further legislation.

April 1946

Land Registry delays

The council have viewed with much concern the grave delays which have occurred in the work of the Land Registry, both in the Registration of Title and Land Charges Departments. It is apparent that the prime cause of the difficulty is the lack of the many skilled members of the staff of the registry who were released for other forms of service during the war and have not yet returned.

April 1906

The New Wing of the Society’s Hall

The Architectural Review contains under the heading Current Architecture an article describing the new wing of the Law Society’s Hall. The article is illustrated with plans and excellent full-page views of the exterior of the building and of the staircase and Common Room.