The Law Society Gazette, 4 May 2006

Firms closing the door to partnership

It has become increasingly hard to become a partner at law firms, especially the largest practices, figures released this week indicate – while there is a growing disparity between the number of legal practice course (LPC) students and available training contracts. The Law Society’s annual statistical report also paints a picture of a profession increasingly open to women.

1 May 1996

Dibbs takes steps to incorporate

A top-10 City law firm has fired the gun which could start a race for the incorporation of the profession, ending the traditional partnership system. Dibb Lupton Broomhead has drafted in one of the big six accountants to conduct a feasibility study to enable the firm to incorporate as soon as possible. The firm’s managing partner told the Gazette that the old partnership system was not compatible with a commercial business enterprise the size of Dibbs.

7 May 1986


I read somewhere a piece of advice about the medical profession: ‘Never trust a doctor whose waiting room plants have died.’ I have been wondering what the parallel warning about a lawyer would be. I suggest: ‘Never trust a solicitor whose Gazettes are stacking up in his room still in their plastic wrappers.’

5 May 1976

Sovereignty and the European Court

Britain’s decision not to withdraw from the Common Market could provide a powerful impetus for the further development of European Community law. The European Court is developing along the lines of the US Supreme Court. Its decisions cannot be amended by fresh legislation like the House of Lords or the US Supreme Court. Such forms of democratic control over the European Court can be developed only in the long term.

May 1946

Courts martial – BAOR

The Council of the Law Society have been asked by the War Office and the Air Ministry to prepare a list of solicitors who are willing to undertake defences before courts martial in Germany. Food and accommodation will be provided free, and travelling expenses paid, and a fee of 10 guineas a day will be paid.