The Law Society Gazette, 5 October 2006

CC plans to save £30m as jobs go to India

Clifford Chance aims to save £30 million by transferring 300 business services jobs to India. The world’s largest law firm, which saw profits per partner rise by 25% to £814,000 in the last financial year, told staff in a memo of the proposal to offshore some of its global financial and IT services to an office in Delhi.

2 October 1996

Irvine sets out Labour’s vision

Shadow lord chancellor Lord Irvine firmly nailed a future Labour government’s colour to the mast regarding legal aid this week, when he refused to rule out cash limiting, despite describing it as ‘unattractive in principle’. He also said that a Labour government would immediately launch a review of both the civil justice system and civil legal aid.

1 October 1986

Small claims: More speed - no lawyers?

The Lord Chancellor’s Department has reported that 45,000 disputes were dealt with through the small claims procedure of the county court in England and Wales in 1985. Touche Ross, management consultants, have carried out a study for the department which indicates that there is a high degree of consumer satisfaction with the fairness of the proceedings.

6 October 1976

Freedom and the legal profession

For his presidential address at the Society’s national conference, Mr David Napley has taken as his theme ‘conservation’. There will be those, Mr Napley continues to say, who will dismiss as unfounded the fears that he and others have expressed for the legal profession’s continued independence. Yet he has ‘witnessed a progressive diminution in its independence’.

October 1966

The editor writes

Last month the Home Secretary told us of his intention to introduce a new criminal justice bill.

At a Labour Party conference in Hounslow this month Mr Jenkins (pictured) gave us the second instalment. After announcing the steps which he had in mind to restrict the sale and purchase of shotguns and the controls which he proposes to impose on those who operate gambling clubs, he informed his audience that an opportunity would be taken in the bill to simplify committal proceedings.