The Law Society Gazette, 9 November 2006

Small firms merge to stave off threats

One in seven smaller firms see merging as a way of coping with future competitive threats to their practices – challenges that firms think will overwhelmingly come from outside the profession, according to a report this week.

5 November 1986

Family law in the future – will lawyers still be needed?

One is beginning to feel that there is a mounting campaign to exclude lawyers from divorce. Since the special procedure in all undefended divorce suits was introduced in 1977 until recently when the Legal Aid Efficiency Scrutiny recommended that initial advice in family cases be provided by Citizens Advice, that seems to have been the drift.

10 November 1976

Sexual offences and rationality

Most of us still feel strongly that it is undesirable for our children to be introduced too early to sexual activities, much as we enjoy them ourselves. Today, that feeling is coming to be challenged and there is an increasing lobby for the lowering of the age of consent. That our law is in a right muddle is beyond dispute.

November 1966

Letter from the Lord Chancellor

(The Rt. Hon. Lord Gardiner QC, pictured)

Although I should be the last person to contend that lawyers should not be criticised, I do feel that the professions have recently been too much exposed to harsh and ill-informed criticisms and that it is time that someone stood up for the professions, including the lawyers, whose standards of conduct I believe compare more than favourably with those of any other section of the community and who are in fact going through what for many of them is a difficult time.