The Law Society Gazette, 25 January 2007

Indian government announces plans to open market

The long-awaited liberalisation of the legal services market in India edged closer to reality this month after the Indian government announced plans to negotiate bilateral agreements with the UK, the US and France.

29 January 1997

Extortionate fees

Following the latest outrageous hike in court fees, it would appear to be necessary to put a ceiling on expected damages in personal injury claims if the bankruptcy courts are to be avoided. If all this is a result of ‘market economics’ why not go further and allow each county court to set its own fees? This might not only sharpen up their performance, but actually reduce the burden of fees. We might even end up with special offers - ‘this week £25 for all summonses issued’!

28 January 1987

Highlights of the new publicity code

The new Publicity Code effects a considerable liberalisation of the rules governing solicitors’ publicity. The basic principle is that a solicitor may publicise his practice as he wishes, subject to the provisions of the code. Publicity must be in good taste.

The current advertising guidance permits advertising only in certain specified media. Under the Publicity Code all media are permitted with the exception of unsolicited visits and unsolicited telephone calls.  

January 1947

Manchester and Salford Poor Man’s Lawyer Association

The annual report of the Manchester and Salford Poor Man’s Lawyer Association records that the total number of cases dealt with during the year was 3,452, compared with 3,008 the preceding year. The proportion of cases classified as ‘matrimonial and family’ has increased from 38% to 46%. The report contains some constructive criticisms of the legal aid scheme envisaged in the Rushcliffe Report on Legal Aid and Advice and records that the association’s financial position is sounder, largely owing to a non-recurring grant of £150 from the Pilgrim Trust.