The Law Society Gazette, 4 October 2007

Court video drive

The government is to pilot extending the use of live video links into Crown courts for witnesses in certain sex offences in the next few months. A spokesman for the Courts Service said it is hoped that the pilot will lead to enhanced efficiency in the criminal justice system.

1 October 1997

Labour minister condemns waste

There will be no pot of new money for the criminal justice system, Home Office minister Alun Michael warned this week. Speaking at a Law Society fringe meeting at the Labour party conference in Brighton, Michael said ‘a basic problem of the criminal justice system is that an enormous amount of money is wasted’, and not just on legal aid.

7 October 1987

Equal pay and sex discrimination

David Pannick pointed out that, despite pleas to keep legalistic complications to the minimum, confusion has crept in. Many of the problems derive from European Community law. Part of the problem lies with the European Court of Justice presenting obscure judgments and judgments avoiding significant and difficult points.

6 October 1977

Inaugural address by the president of the Law Society

One point which emerged in recent discussions on the Society’s decision that the profession should be restricted to an all-graduate entry by 1980 was that many professional men can no longer afford to send their children to university. A system of taxation which can produce this result is not only an affront to common sense, but requires urgent reform.

October 1967

Memorandum to the Prices and Incomes Board

Although the profession had been aware for some time that their remuneration was likely to be referred to the Prices and Incomes Board it was not until late February that the First Secretary of State made the reference and published its terms. These place upon the board the task of examining ‘the question of all relevant factors affecting the professional earnings of solicitors’.