Law Society’s Gazette, September 1969

Random Ramblings by G.A. DodsworthHaving been connected with a London practice all my working life, I often wonder what it would be like to be a solicitor in a small country town… Is being a London solicitor over-rated? High rents, salaries and everything else and, not least, the impossibility of getting staff. Will not a good many have to take a long look at themselves and their practices soon and ask whether it is worth it? I think the single biggest problem today is the shortage of staff and the firms most affected are the medium and small size ones. Secretaries and typists are now the privileged class…

Law Society’s Gazette, 19 September 1979

Squash championMiss Anna Piercy, a trainee legal executive with Messrs Thomson Snell and Passmore of Tonbridge, Kent, was successful in defeating 27 male, mostly young and virile, opponents in the Nationwide Building Society Squash Competition. The winner did not concede a game to any opponent either in the final or in the four preceding rounds. Miss Piercy has regularly represented the Tunbridge Wells and Lewes Ladies teams and has played for the Kent Ladies Second Team on many occasions.