Plenty of lawyers and litigants will be getting irate this week about a seemingly pointless transfer of the procedure rules to the website from their own domain. 

To explain in lay terms, the big problem appears to be you can’t ‘Control F’ through the new site to find the bit you need, as you could on the old site. Instead the rules and procedures are stored away in a filing system with all the method and organisation of Monica’s secret closet in Friends.

A man places his head on his laptop keyboard in despair

Director of tech better be up to speed with the Control F problem

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The justice minister has vowed to get his top people onto it and have a solution by next week.

Perhaps things might be even better in a few weeks’ time once the Ministry of Justice has installed its new director of technology. With immaculate timing during an IT cock-up, the post was advertised this week, asking for candidates for a post with a salary of up to £130,000.

The chosen geek will oversee around 900 specialists, located throughout the UK, be in charge of all infrastructure and delivery of technology projects, and have responsibility for 95,000 devices. Which all sounds daunting to us, given our expertise is limited to ‘switch it on and off again’. We can only wish the new appointee well and ask they double check whether any website relaunches are necessary in future.