The everyday workings of the Legal Services Board do not keep many solicitors awake at night.

Despite the board’s grandiose label of ‘super-regulator’, the reality is a little more humdrum: here is an organisation required to keep frontline regulators in check and oversee the consumer panel.

Yet for those with a desire to know how the LSB passes its time (and spends the £21.55 it receives from each regulated lawyer), you may be disappointed.

Last month’s LSB board meeting was closed to the public and media – as is the norm. But it did contain a potentially interesting update on the body’s approach to communications.

Unfortunately, what followed was the news the board had discussed communications in April – followed by 42 sentences of blacked-out, redacted copy.

The update then comes to life again to say the LSB chairman will give a speech in Westminster 12 September – before disappearing again beneath the black marker pen.

Obiter would suggest that one way to establish a communications approach might be to, ahem, communicate? If this kind of seemingly innocuous section cannot be shared, what chance anything that might be of greater import?