The forthcoming nuptials of Hollywood A-lister George Clooney and barrister Amal Alamuddin prompted Obiter to ask for more examples of celebrity spouses in the law.

One snout directed us to last week’s Sunday Telegraph, where the spouse in question is herself a lawyer – the peerless ‘Diva of Divorce’, Ayesha Vardag.

Vardag, who is frequently cited in the public prints when celebs fall out and can’t agree how to split the Genesis albums, qualifies because she is marrying Dr Stephen Bence, an astrophysicist who is director of strategy at Vardag’s law firm. An astrophysicist eh? Who better to consult when the stars split? (Groan.)

Being a famous lawyer can have its downside, however. The Hellograph put its chief reporter on the story, which was that the pair have set up a website on which they ask friends and family to pay for a glamorous honeymoon in Hawaii.

‘After years of having homes, we have lots of vases and dishes and napkins and the like,’ they aver. ‘What we really thrill to is travel, and that is the gift that would make us genuinely happy.’

Obiter will say no more, lest we be accused of falling prey to ignoble envy. Except to observe that the happy couple seem to have scored a notable first by writing a travelog before they actually go. Still, Honolulu certainly trumps Clacton, which is where most legal aid lawyers will be off to this year.