Sad, but predictable, news from London Legal Walk, the largest annual fundraising event for the legal advice sector. This year’s event, set for 5 October, will take place virtually.

But there’s a twist. This year the London Legal Support Trust is encouraging you to ‘take on 10k your way’, and join in by completing an activity of your choice based around a factor of 10.

Supporters may walk, run, cycle, skip or Space-hopper their way to 10km. Alternatively, you may take on any challenge to a multiple of 10, whether it is baking 10 cakes, writing 10 poems, doing 100 minutes of your favourite exercise class, 1,000 star jumps or sit-ups, or form a team to reach 10,000 or 100,000 together.

For details, visit

Obiter is up for a challenge: perhaps readers will have some suggestions?