How splendid at the opening of the legal year to see a great judicial tradition preserved. We refer of course to that of judges asking for clarification on points that the person on the Dalston Boris bus would find bleeding obvious. Last week it was the turn of a judge hearing a case of a holidaymaker who had returned from Magaluf on his mate’s passport, having lost his own. The judge interrupted counsel to enquire: ‘Where is Magaluf? Is it in Poland?’

Yes, we know that judges often ask questions to elicit answers for the benefit of the jury or the court record. But our learned judge’s remark does seem to reinforce the stereotype of a judiciary spending its downtime in Aspen or Tuscany rather than the budget clubbers’ paradise on Majorca.

Obiter wonders if readers have encountered recent revivals of the ‘Who are the Beatles?’ tradition. Have we had ‘What is One Direction?’ yet?