As the approaching EU poll grips the nation (sic), lawyers are lining up to play their part in deciding our national destiny. Obiter imagines rival EU referendum camps squaring up to one another, as in some digitally enhanced battle scene from Lord of the Rings.

In fact, digital enhancement might be what the ‘in’ and ‘out’ camps need if Obiter is to put hard cash behind the movie project Brexit: The Lawyers’ Tale. A quick check of the rival websites suggests that their armies amount to no more than a couple of platoons.  

‘Dozens of Britain’s lawyers have already joined our campaign,’ thunders the website of Lawyers for Britain, led by sceptic QC Martin Howe.

Over at the admittedly slicker-looking, though similarly titled, Lawyers In For Britain campaign, the support lent since launch on 11 March adds up to 81 signatures – or nearly seven-dozen, as their adversaries might put it…