Readers will be well aware of the issues around the right to be forgotten, which gives some of those with a blemish in their history the chance to erase it from Google searches.

But what of the transgressive solicitor? And specifically those who have received an indefinite sanction from the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal? Not knowing how long a penalty should last for makes it difficult, Obiter imagines, to know how long the details of the wrongdoing should be published.

But the SDT has a plan. Following an update to the tribunal’s judgment publication policy, judgments with indefinite sanctions will now remain on the website for 60 years rather than indefinitely. This is, of course, subject to a successful application resulting in removal.

This will be great news for the (admittedly narrow) cross-section of solicitors who qualify in their mid-20s, transgress immediately, then in their mid-80s decide that they’re being held back by details of their offence still being in the public domain.

Obiter looks forward to reporting from the first application to have a judgment removed, expected circa 2079.