Conferences. We turn up bright-eyed at registration, enthusing about the promise of enlightenment on a compelling and important topic, only to emerge hours later broken by that merciless torture known as death by PowerPoint. In fact, the ability of some presenters to turn the most interesting subjects into an exercise in tedium is itself an impressive skill.

So imagine an event dedicated from the outset to all things mundane, obvious and ordinary. That’s the promise of an annual event entitled A Boring Conference, to which Obiter has just been invited. Past topics have apparently included electricity pylons, yellow lines, toast and barcodes.

Remarkably, this year’s Boring Conference has already sold out. Obiter reckons there could be something in this idea of lowering expectations from the outset. So suggestions, please, for the title of a legal conference least likely to keep an audience awake. A suitably uninteresting prize will be dispatched for the best.