The third series of Peter Moffat’s barrister-themed TV drama Silk has lawyers glued to their sets, twittering with excitement – at being the first to spot a procedural gaffe.

Learned viewers were not disappointed by the professional conduct of the lead, Martha Costello QC (Maxine Peake). Her antics, which ranged from witness coaching to misleading the court, would keep the Bar Standards Board busy for months.

Barristers and solicitors alike took to the twittersphere and came up with a tongue in cheek list of #silktips based on Costello’s errors. @Familoo tweeted: ‘Read the new code of handbook thingbob and do the opposite. With lipstick.’

From the solicitor’s perspective the episode has another attraction – presenting a dystopian future in which they are entirely absent. Representing the son of her head of chambers, Costello attends the police station alone apart from her chambers rival (and squeeze) Clive Reader QC, acting as a sort of silky junior.

But as @JustCounsel observed, the most unrealistic aspect was the fact the fictitious criminal set, Shoe Court, has a pupil. The only part that seemed to ring true was the portrayal of old-school clerk Billy, played beautifully by Neil Stuke.

Still, at least the props team didn’t have the judge call the court to order with a hammer and gavel.

Despite its flaws, Obiter admits to a guilty pleasure in watching Silk and is looking forward to the second episode, tonight at 9pm on BBC1.