Peak-time TV has already given us less-than-flattering reality coverage of travellers and benefits claimants – now it is the turn of the personal injury lawyer.

Obiter has seen an email from a Channel 5 researcher asking for claimant lawyers willing to appear in a show in which they will judge whether members of the public have a worthy case or merely pound signs in their eyes. Four lawyers in a ‘clinic-like setting’ will discuss the merits of personal injury, medical negligence and consumer complaints cases.

Contributors will present their case Dragons’ Den style, including any evidence they might have, leaving the expert, according to the pitch, to ‘weed out the genuine, watertight cases of real affected claimants from those who are unreasonable, misled or simply chancers trying their luck’.

Of course it is possible that Channel 5 intends the programme to be a sympathetic portrayal of the devastating impact of an injury, showcasing the difficult and challenging work of the Pl lawyer.