Our tireless regulators have excelled themselves. The seven frontline Legal Services Act bodies, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority, have teamed up to create a consumer-facing website to help the public when it comes to making decisions about legal issues and lawyers.

That’s the promise of www.legalchoices.org.uk, which quietly went live last week. However the site isn’t just for lay people. Obiter suspects many lawyers will be grateful for its dummies’ guide to the concept of regulation, which appears under the headline: ‘What are you having for tea tonight?’

It goes on: ‘Whether you’ve got a three-course banquet planned, fish and chips, or just a couple of lettuce leaves – any food you eat tonight comes from a regulated industry.

‘There are regulators all around us. It’s no different in the legal services world.’

Obiter is glad that’s been cleared up.